Unveiling the Hidden Achievements of Biden’s Presidency: A Closer Look

Three years into Joe Biden’s presidency, the spotlight often shines on high-profile policy debates and political drama, leaving many significant but less-publicized achievements largely unnoticed by the general public.

Biden's Hidden Presidency Achievements
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From labor reforms and healthcare innovations to environmental strides and financial regulations, the Biden administration has enacted changes that, though flying under the radar, hold substantial long-term implications for Americans.

Labor Reforms: A New Era for Overtime Pay

One of the hallmark labor reforms under Biden has been the proposed increase in the overtime salary threshold to $55,000, up nearly $20,000 from the previous mark.

This move, aimed at finalization in April, is set to extend time-and-a-half overtime pay eligibility to an additional 3.6 million workers, marking a significant shift in wage policy and reflecting Biden’s commitment to enhancing workers’ compensation.

Healthcare Innovations: The Dawn of Over-the-Counter Birth Control

In a landmark shift for reproductive health, the Biden administration has paved the way for the introduction of the first over-the-counter birth control pill in the U.S. With the FDA’s endorsement in July 2023, this policy change aims to expand access to contraception.

Especially in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overturning. Retail giants CVS and Walgreens have committed to carrying the contraceptive, Opill, potentially transforming birth control accessibility and affordability.

School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, catalyzed the Biden administration to enact the first significant gun safety law in three decades.

Additionally, the establishment of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention and the allocation of $286 million to support student wellness underscore Biden’s commitment to combating gun violence and enhancing school safety—a pressing concern for many Americans.

Environmental Progress: Renewables Take Center Stage

Under Biden, the U.S. has witnessed a significant shift towards renewable energy, with it becoming the second-largest source of electricity.

Bolstered by the Inflation Reduction Act’s incentives for clean energy, this transition not only addresses climate change but also represents a major economic and environmental pivot towards sustainable power generation.

Addressing Discriminatory Mortgage Lending

The Biden administration‘s efforts to modernize the anti-redlining framework, set to take effect in 2026, aim to extend equitable lending practices into the digital banking age.

Biden's Quiet Achievements Revealed
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By broadening the scope of the Community Reinvestment Act to include online and mobile banking activities, the administration seeks to combat the persistent racial homeownership gap and promote financial inclusivity.

Consumer Banking: Tackling “Junk Fees” and Overdraft Charges

Biden’s crackdown on so-called junk fees and punitive overdraft charges represents a consumer-friendly shift in financial regulation.

Proposals to cap overdraft fees and reduce credit card late fees to as low as $8 could save consumers billions annually, challenging the financial industry to prioritize consumer interests over profit.

Wall Street Oversight: Ensuring Transparency in Chinese Companies

The Biden administration has succeeded in compelling Chinese and Hong Kong-based companies to comply with U.S. auditing standards, a move that strengthens investor protections and enhances the transparency of foreign firms listed on American stock exchanges.

This policy adjustment, building on legislation signed by Donald Trump, marks a significant step in global financial oversight.

A Closer Look Reveals a Broad Impact

While these policy changes might not dominate headlines or trend on social media, their implications for American workers, consumers, students, and investors are profound.

From labor and healthcare to environmental policy and financial regulation, the Biden administration’s under-the-radar achievements reflect a comprehensive approach to governance that addresses both immediate concerns and long-term challenges.

As these policies unfold, their impacts will likely become more visible, shaping the legacy of Biden’s presidency and the future of American policy.

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