Tragedy in Kuwait: Fire Claims Lives of Dozens of Migrant Workers

In a heartbreaking incident in Mangaf, Kuwait, a devastating fire consumed a seven-story building, leading to the deaths of 49 migrant workers, including about 40 Indians.

Kuwait Fire Tragedy Dozens of Migrant Workers Dead

The tragedy, which unfolded in the early hours of June 12, also left 50 individuals injured.

A Deadly Blaze in the Night

Officials report that the fire ignited in the building’s kitchen and quickly spread intensified by thick black smoke.

Most of the 195 migrant workers, mainly from India, were asleep when the flames engulfed the structure. Many were overcome by smoke, causing suffocation and adding to the toll of casualties.

The Kerala government has since announced financial support for the victims’ families, promising ₹5 lakh to the bereaved and ₹1 lakh for the injured.

Immediate Response from Kerala

In the wake of the calamity, Kerala Health Minister Veena George is set to urgently travel to Kuwait to lead assistance efforts for the affected families.

A special cabinet meeting, spearheaded by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, has also addressed the situation, expressing solidarity and support for those in distress.

International Efforts and Support

The international community has quickly come to the aid of victims, with Minister of State for External Affairs, Kirti Vardhan Singh, arriving in Kuwait to oversee assistance and expedite the repatriation process for the deceased’s mortal remains.

An Indian Air Force aircraft stands ready to transport the bodies back to India, as forensic teams work on identifying the deceased through DNA testing.

A Community Rallies Together

The Department of Non-Resident Keralites’ Affairs (NoRKA) has established a help desk to aid in the disaster response.

NoRKA and various local associations are providing support services, including establishing toll-free lines for families seeking information about their loved ones.

The Human Story Amidst the Tragedy

Personal stories emerged, adding depth to the disaster’s narrative. Among the dead is a native of Chavakkad, Binoy Thomas, who had arrived in Kuwait merely five days before the tragedy struck.

His family, who had spoken to him hours before the fire, was left in shock and grief upon confirmation of his fate by NoRKA sources.

National Leaders Express Condolences

Prominent leaders like BSP supremo Mayawati and Tamil Nadu Minister for Minorities Welfare and Non-Resident Tamils Welfare, Gingee K. S. Masthan, have expressed their condolences and called for government support for the families of the victims.

The Way Forward

As aftermath services continue and officials from both Indian and Kuwaiti authorities work in tandem to manage the situation, this tragedy has brought to light the vulnerabilities faced by migrant workers abroad.

Efforts are underway to ensure those injured receive the care they need and the deceased’s families are cared for during these trying times.

This incident, while tragic, stands as a stark reminder of the risks faced by migrant workers and the need for stringent safety measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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