Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 10: Crossing the ₹100 Crore Threshold

In the realm of cinematic successes, crossing the ₹100 crore threshold is a testament to a film’s appeal, and the latest to join this prestigious club is “Shaitaan”.

On its tenth day at the box office, the star-studded thriller featuring the charismatic Ajay Devgn, the versatile Jyothika, and the talented R Madhavan has achieved a milestone that signals its roaring success.


The initial release of “Shaitaan” set the stage for a box office hit, driven by its compelling narrative and strong performances.

Enthralling the audience with its intensity and edge-of-the-seat moments, the film’s collection saw a consistent ascension, leading to the monumental achievement in just ten days.

Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 10
Credit: Livemint

Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 10

Vikas Bahl’s latest directorial venture, the psychological horror thriller ‘Shaitaan’, is leaving its mark at the box office, cementing its place in India’s prestigious ₹100 crore club. The film, headlined by Ajay Devgn, is holding its ground amid stiff competition and continues to engross a substantial volume of audiences.

‘Shaitaan’ has indeed weaved its spell, maintaining its footing undeterred by a high-stakes face-off with another much-awaited release, ‘Yodha’, in its second week at the theatres.

A report from confirms the strong performance, underscoring that ‘Shaitaan’ has crossed the coveted ₹100 crore mark on its tenth day, a remarkable feat achieved on a Sunday.

With a formidable ensemble cast, including Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan, and Jyotika, ‘Shaitaan’ is not only a powerhouse of performances but also a monetary achievement, crossing the ₹100 crore threshold in India.

An update specific to ‘Shaitaan’s’ box office collection revealed encouraging figures. Raking in approximately ₹9.75 crore on its second Sunday at the box office, the movie has exhibited an uptick over the second weekend. By the ninth day, its accumulative earnings stood at an impressive ₹93.57 crore.

The horror thriller’s allure seems inextinguishable, and upon completing the tenth day, the cumulative box office collection is estimated at ₹103.05 crore. In addition, ‘Shaitaan’ reportedly secured a substantial 37.19% hold over Hindi-language screens on Sunday.

This profit trajectory has led the chilling film to become the third highest-grossing Hindi movie of 2024. This achievement is a testament to the filmmakers’ craft and the audiences’ appreciation for the thrilling cinematic experience ‘Shaitaan’ has to offer.

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Celebrities Sound Off on the Milestone

The achievement of “Shaitaan” has resonated throughout the Indian film industry, drawing praise and commendation from peers and critics alike.

Speaking to a gathering of reporters, one of the film’s leading stars, Ajay Devgn, expressed gratitude toward the fans for their unwavering support and enthusiasm, which propelled the film to this height of commercial success.

A Win for the Film Industry

“Shaitaan” reaching the ₹100 crore mark is not just a win for its creators but also a boost for the film industry. The movie’s triumph is a beacon of hope and a clear indicator of the box office potential still inherent in Indian cinema, especially in an age where digital consumption is on the rise.

A Win for the Film Industry
Credit: Comingsoon

The combination of a riveting plot, dynamic performances, and masterful direction is a proven formula, as “Shaitaan” has shown. This milestone isn’t just finical; it’s a signal that the heart of storytelling remains king in the world of entertainment.

Looking Ahead

As “Shaitaan” continues its victorious streak, the industry watches keenly, taking note of the ingredients that spell success for a theatrical release.

The film’s performance serves as proof of the audience’s love for well-crafted cinema and as a motivator for filmmakers to pursue quality storytelling.

As it breaks barriers, “Shaitaan” not only enjoys its current success but also paves the way for future projects to dream big and aim high.

In conclusion, “Shaitaan” confirms that the allure of cinema remains undefeated, and even after ten days, it continues to captivate audiences nationwide.

With this monumental box office collection, the film secures its place as a commercial and critical hit, poised to inspire the next generation of Indian cinema.

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