Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 12: Ajay Devgan-R Madhavan’s Horror Flick Maintains Momentum

The thrilling narrative of Bollywood’s latest horror spectacle, “Shaitaan”, continues to captivate audiences across the nation, as the film displays remarkable resilience in its box office performance, twelve days post-release.

Unequivocal Triumph

Vikas Bahl’s directorial haunted house, “Shaitaan”, is striking gold at the box office, breaching the enviable Rs 100 crore mark over the weekend.

Unequivocal Triumph

The movie stars a powerful ensemble led by Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan, whose performances have been instrumental in garnering a consistent audience, in spite of the beginning of the workweek.

Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 12

“Shaitaan” commenced its box office journey with a robust Rs 14.75 crore on Day 1, swiftly escalating to Rs 18.75 crore and Rs 20 crore on subsequent days.

Although the film experienced a natural dip on Day 4 with Rs 7 crore in earnings, it has since maintained a steady run. The 12th day partitioned another Rs 3 crore to the movie’s ever-expanding treasure chest, leveling its total collection to a formidable Rs 109.05 crore.

Audience Engagement Insights

Tuesday’s audience occupancy data further echoes the film’s success. Morning shows observed a 9.07% turnout, afternoon performances rose to 12.65%, and evening shows climbed a bit higher to 13%.

By nightfall, the occupancy peaked at 17.06%, painting a healthy picture of the viewers’ consistent engagement with the film.

A Look Behind the Scenes

“Shaitaan” is not merely a product of its on-screen magic but is also backed by the prowess of Jio Studios, Panorama Studios, and Devgn Films. The film is a remake of the 2023 Gujarati hit “Vash”, reimagined to suit the Hindi-speaking audience’s taste for supernatural thrills.

The film’s impressive casting, including Jyothika, Janki Bodiwala, and Anngad Raaj, further solidifies its narrative depth and broad appeal.

The Industry’s Take

Industry experts credit the film’s strong storyline, high production value, and relatable horror elements for its outstanding performance in theatres.

While the digital age has seen several moviegoers shift to streaming platforms, “Shaitaan’s” box office collection reaffirms the irreplaceable charm of cinema halls and the shared experience they offer.

The Industry's Take

What’s Next?

As “Shaitaan” moves forward, box office analysts are keeping a watchful eye on its trajectory. The initial surge post-release is often seen as a litmus test for a film’s longevity.

In this regard, “Shaitaan” has passed with flying colors, leading to speculation about its continued draw in the coming weeks.

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“Shaitaan’s” journey at the box office is a narrative of consistency and allure. With its day 12 collections echoing the success of its predecessors, the horror flick not only maintains its momentum but also hopes to set the stage for future genre films in India.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this supernatural thriller continues to spellbind and shock its audience, one seat at a time.

In summary, “Shaitaan” proves that a well-told horror story has the power to transcend trends and strike a chord with movie-goers, asserting absolute substance and thrill over the spectacle.

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