Ruslaan Box Office Collection Day 4

The Indian film industry welcomed the debut of “Ruslaan” with anticipation this past weekend. The new release, which hit theaters countrywide, has garnered a quiet yet respectable sum at the box office.

Ruslaan Box Office Collection

Ruslaan Box Office Collection Day 4

On its opening day, a Friday, “Ruslaan” managed to draw in ₹0.55 cr, setting the stage for its initial weekend. As the weekend progressed, the movie witnessed a positive uptick in numbers.

The first Saturday saw a 36.36% increase in collections, earning ₹0.75 cr. This rise continued into the first Sunday, with a 13.33% growth, leading to ₹0.85 cr in revenue.

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 0.6 Cr
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 0.8 Cr
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 0.9 Cr
Day 4 [1st Monday]₹ 0.4 Cr
Total₹ 2.7 Cr

By the first Monday, as expected with most cinematic releases, the film experienced a dip, garnering ₹0.40 cr according to early estimates. This puts “Ruslaan” at a total India net collection of ₹2.7 cr within the opening four days.

Regional Response to “Ruslaan”

The regional response to “Ruslaan” has shown significant variance. Cities like Chennai witnessed a notable high of 15.67% attendance in cinemas, while Pune also reported decent figures at 13.75%.

The National Capital Region (NCR) and Mumbai showed more modest figures at 5.75% and 7.00%, respectively.

Overall Engagement with Audiences

“Ruslaan” has had varied occupancy rates across different times of the day. Interestingly, evenings and nights have seen better occupancy rates compared to mornings and afternoons, with regions like Pune and Chennai showing spikes of up to 24% in the evening slots.

Contextualizing Ruslaan’s Performance

The film’s opening figures put it in a modest position compared to various other regional and global releases. While blockbuster Hollywood releases often overshadow smaller films, “Ruslaan” has succeeded in pulling in crowds with its story and perhaps word-of-mouth marketing.

To gain further insight into “Ruslaan”‘s performance, we spoke with industry analysts that monitor box office trends. They highlighted that for a film of its scale and marketing reach, “Ruslaan” is performing within expected parameters. The industry often sees a lull in occupancy rates on Mondays, and “Ruslaan” is no exception.

The Road Ahead for “Ruslaan”

As new releases wait in the wings, “Ruslaan” continues its fight to captivate audiences and secure its spot in the competitive world of cinema. The true test for “Ruslaan” will be its performance in the coming weekends and how well it can sustain viewer interest against its peers and major releases.

The film industry eyes closely how word-of-mouth, critical reviews, and consistent audience engagement can support the long-term success of mid-range movies like “Ruslaan”.


“Ruslaan” has begun its box office journey on a steady path. The movie has garnered a respectable sum and continues to draw audiences across different cities. It may not be breaking records, but it is finding its audience.

Its performance in the coming days will reveal if it can maintain this steady hold or if it will fade amidst the buzz of larger films dominating the cinemas.

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