Mumbai Surpasses Beijing to Become Asia’s Billionaire Hub

In a significant shift in the wealth landscape, Mumbai, India’s burgeoning financial capital, has emerged as Asia’s top city for billionaires, outpacing Beijing for the first time.

Mumbai Surpasses Beijing to Become Asia's Billionaire Hub

The revelation comes from the latest Global Rich List 2024 by Hurun Research Institute and marks a new epoch in the region’s economy.

Wealth in the West, Growth in the East

As the world watches, wealth migration patterns have altered dramatically. Traditional powerhouses like New York, with 119 billionaires, and London, boasting 97, continue to lead the global tally.

Yet, it’s the unprecedented spurt of affluence in Mumbai that catches the eye. The city now hosts 93 billionaires, a fact echoed by Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Researcher, “Mumbai has seen a spurt in the number of billionaires, thanks primarily to a robust stock market.”

The Roar of the Indian Tiger

India’s unprecedented economic growth, captured in its 7.5% GDP surge in 2023, spills into the fabric of Mumbai’s surging billionaire count. Industries like pharmaceuticals, automobile components, and chemicals anchor this surge.

Hoogewerf adds, “The concentration of wealth in Mumbai reflects the city’s position as the beating heart of India’s economy.”

The Titans of Mumbai

Driving the city’s wealth creation are business titans such as Mukesh Ambani, with a personal worth of $115 billion, and Gautam Adani, trailing at $86 billion. Their business acumen contributed significantly to Mumbai’s rise in the billionaire count.

A National Affair

It’s not just Mumbai that shines on the wealth map. New Delhi, the nation’s capital, makes its debut in the top ten cities, a testament to India’s overall economic heft. In total, India added 94 individuals to its billionaire fold, pushing the count to a remarkable 271.

This is an indication, as wealth experts assert, of the country’s burgeoning position on the global economic stage.

China’s Shifting Sands

Contrastingly, China tells a sobering story. Despite leading with 814 billionaires, it saw a decline of 155 from the previous year amid disarray in real estate and renewable energy, coupled with a lagging stock market.

The American Dream Still Strong

The United States stands firm in second place, now home to 800 billionaires. The landscape there evolves, with artificial intelligence driving new wealth, highlighted by Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, who now boasts assets of $48 billion.

Stars Among the Elite

Interestingly, new members have emerged in this league of extraordinary wealth. Among them is megastar Taylor Swift, who, with earnings of $1.2 billion, reflects the dynamic nature of wealth creation in modern domains such as entertainment and technology.

The Grand Scheme

The world now counts 3,279 billionaires from 73 countries—a 5% growth in membership with overall wealth soaring by 9%. Such figures serve as economic indicators, often pointing to vital sectors and innovation trends that are fueling economic engines both in developed and emerging markets.

A Richer Future

The data poses necessary reflections for economists and policymakers. As wealth grows and shifts, issues like wealth distribution, taxation, and investment into growth sectors require calibrated strategies.

Mumbai’s meteoric rise is a case study of what right conditions and policies can do in driving wealth and, by extension, economic growth.


Mumbai’s ascension to Asia’s billionaire capital is more than a numerical victory. It signifies shifts in global wealth dynamics, reflecting India’s burgeoning economic prowess. It prompts a broader discussion about wealth management and economic growth that is bound to shape future policy-making not just in India, but globally.

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