Manjummel Boys Global Box Office Collection Day 10

The Malayalam movie industry has set a new benchmark as “Manjummel Boys” inches closer to the ₹200 crore mark in global collections.

In another historic accomplishment, the film has become the first non-Tamil movie, without a dubbed version, to gross an impressive ₹50 crore in Tamil Nadu alone.

Unprecedented Success

“Manjummel Boys” has taken the Indian film industry by storm, asserting its dominance in box office collections. The success is starkly notable as the film is a Malayalam language offering.

Manjummel Boys 10 Day Global Box Office Collection
Credit: OTTplay

This impressive feat speaks volumes about the film’s universal appeal, transcending linguistic barriers, and delivering a compelling narrative that resonates with a broad audience base.

Manjummel Boys 10 Day Global Box Office Collection

The outstanding collection of the film is not just a matter of chance. The robust growth in box office collections from day one reflects the strong storyline that has enraptured audiences.

As the tenth day approached, the figures neared the ₹200 crore mark globally – proof of the film’s success. In Tamil Nadu, the movie performed exceptionally well, raking in ₹50 crore, which is a significant milestone for a non-dubbed, non-Tamil movie.

Celebrating a Milestone in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu market, known for its staunch loyalty to native movies, has welcomed “Manjummel Boys” with open arms. This accomplishment affirms that quality content can sway audiences, despite the language barrier.

The film’s narrative and compelling performances have struck a chord with the Tamil Nadu audience, prompting its record-breaking box office collections.

Quotes from the Film Industry

Members of the film fraternity have applauded this milestone, praising the brilliance of “Manjummel Boys.” The film’s success is seen as a triumph not only for the producers but also for the Indian film industry at large.

Quotes from the Film Industry
Credit: IndianExpress

Drawing Conclusions

The success of “Manjummel Boys” at the box office is a strong statement about the evolving landscape of Indian cinema.

It refutes the norm that language is a barrier to a film’s success. The aptly crafted storyline, coupled with stellar performances, has led to the film’s breakthrough success.

In conclusion, “Manjummel Boys” continues to break new ground. It is a testament to the power of cinema that captures hearts, crossing regional borders, and language barriers.

As the film sets new benchmarks in the industry, it’s a reminder that storytelling is the heart and soul of cinema, and compelling narratives have the potential for universal appeal.

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