Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Box Office Collection Day 3

In the competitive world of cinema, few films capture the audience’s imagination as vividly as “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” has done in its opening weekend. Garnering an impressive box office collection in India, the film lays down a marker for both storytelling excellence and commercial success.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Box Office Collection

As we delve into the numbers, the picture of a blockbuster emerges, reflected in the enthusiastic viewer turnout and collection figures.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Box Office Collection Day 3

The cinematic journey of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” began on a high note, amassing ₹3.15 crore on day one across India. This promising start laid the groundwork for what would become a lucrative opening weekend.

By the first Saturday, figures surged by 38.73%, taking the collection to ₹4.37 crore, indicative of the film’s growing appeal among moviegoers.

It was not just the storyline that hooked the audiences but the visual spectacle and compelling performances that led to increased footfall in theatres.

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 3.15 Cr
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 4.37 Cr
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 4.25 Cr * early estimates
Total₹ 11.77 Cr

Come Sunday, the film continued its strong performance, adding approximately ₹4.25 crore to its kitty from all languages combined, based on early estimates. This brought the total to an admirable ₹11.77 crore net in India by the end of day three.

Regional Performance Insights

Digging deeper into the data reveals a fascinating tapestry of regional preferences and movie-going patterns. On Sunday, English screenings saw an overall occupancy rate of 15.96%, with notable figures in cities like Pune (26%) and Chennai leading with an astounding 32% occupancy.

The Telugu version shone brightly in Karimnagar, showing a remarkable 77% occupancy, a testament to the film’s diverse appeal. Hindi and Tamil versions also drew significant crowds, with Tamil showings in particular seeing a high occupancy rate of 31.15% overall, highlighting the widespread anticipation for this cinematic offering.

The Appeal Across Languages and Regions

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” seamlessly transcended language barriers, striking a chord with audiences irrespective of the version they watched.

Be it the engaging storyline, the state-of-the-art visuals, or the potent performances by the likes of Owen Teague, Freya Allan, and Kevin Durand, the film established a connection with a wide spectrum of viewers.

The impressive turnout across various cities and for screenings in different languages underscores not only the film’s universal appeal but also the Indian audience’s evolving taste for quality storytelling that transcends cultural and linguistic confines.

A Blockbuster in the Making?

As “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” rides high on its early wave of success, industry watchers are optimistic about its ongoing performance. With strong word-of-mouth and positive critical reception propelling its journey forward, the film stands as a beacon for the kind of cinematic experiences audiences crave.

Yet, it’s not just about the numbers. The film’s ability to draw crowds in a post-pandemic world speaks volumes about the changing dynamics of movie-watching in India.

As families and groups of friends return to cinemas, seeking collective experiences that enthrall and entertain, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” delivers on all fronts, promising more than just a day at the movies—a memorable journey into a story that captivates and delights.


The box office collection of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” in its opening three days is a testament to the film’s quality and the audience’s endorsement. With numbers expected to rise as more viewers flock to cinemas, the tale of this cinematic enterprise is far from over.

As it continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: the film has not only conquered the box office but also the hearts of its audience, setting a high bar for future releases.

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