‘Kartam Bhugtam’ 2024 Movie Review

Released on May 17, 2024, ‘Kartam Bhugtam’ directed by Soham Shah brings a psychological thriller pumped with superstition and the mystical pull of astrology.

Star performances by Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz are at the heart of the film, attempting to make an ordinary narrative extraordinary.

'Kartam Bhugtam' 2024 Movie Review
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A Predictable Plot with Stellar Acting

‘Kartam Bhugtam,’ casts Shreyas Talpade as Dev, an NRI who returns to India with intentions to sell his inheritance but finds himself entrapped by the enigmatic astrologer, Anna, portrayed by Vijay Raaz.

Despite the film’s story following a known trajectory, the execution of certain scenes keeps the audience engaged, largely due to the magnetic performances by Talpade and Raaz.

The narrative intertwines the lives of its characters with the central theme of karma and destiny, sculpted against the backdrop of astrology. The premise, although not new, provides room for the actors to explore their characters deeply.

Character Dynamics and Performances

Shreyas and Vijay excel in their roles, providing much-needed gravitas to a script that otherwise offers little novelty. The chemistry between Dev and Anna is both compelling and unsettling, illustrating the profound influence Anna has over Dev’s decisions.

Madhoo and Aksha Pardasany, who play supporting roles, deliver sincere performances. However, their characters do not leave as significant an impact as the leads, calling for more substantial roles that could harness their full potential.

Technical Aspects and Filmmaking

While the direction by Soham Shah shows potential in handling suspense and emotional drama, ‘Kartam Bhugtam’ struggles to maintain a gripping narrative throughout its runtime. The film’s pace fluctuates, and its predictability sometimes leads away from engagement.

Technical Aspects and Filmmaking
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The soundtrack and background scores, unfortunately, do not add much to the atmosphere, with repetitive lines and over-the-top sound effects that fail to enhance the storytelling.

Final Thoughts

Although ‘Kartam Bhugtam’ has its moments of intrigue, primarily through its central performances, it does not offer much in terms of fresh storytelling or cinematic innovation.

The film might appeal to audiences who enjoy straightforward narratives about fate and free will intertwined with traditional beliefs.

On a scale of one to five, ‘Kartam Bhugtam’ earns a modest 2.5 stars, gaining points for acting but losing them on originality and execution.

The movie might find its audience on television more so than in theatres or modern OTT platforms, where viewers favor more tightly-paced thrillers with unpredictable twists.


In essence, ‘Kartam Bhugtam’ serves as a reminder of traditional film narratives, featuring commendable performances amidst a predictable script.

It underscores the need for the Indian cinema landscape to balance stellar acting with innovative storytelling to truly captivate the contemporary audience.

Movie Rating 2.5/5 

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