Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri Box Office Collection:  Opening Weekend 

The ever-popular duo, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, stormed the box office last weekend with their brand-new film ‘Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri’. The opening three days saw an avalanche of audience interest, leaving the box office abuzz and registering an impressive haul.

Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri Box Office Collection
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The film, which treats viewers to an engrossing narrative, captivated moviegoers and started its run with a whopping INR 10.79 Cr. over its inaugural weekend.

Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri Box Opening Weekend  Office Collection

The engrossing tale unraveled to the public on 15th March. A flurry of people turned up to see the new spectacle, earning the film an impressive INR 2.74 Cr. on its opening day. 

The positive word of mouth amplified the excitement, leading to an even bigger influx of crowd on Saturday, bringing in a sum of INR 3.95 Cr. On Sunday, the film reached a pinnacle with a day collection of INR 4.10 Cr. Thus, leaving the film to stand tall with a total of INR 10.79 Cr.

Power Couple at Helm

Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, also known as the people’s couple, were the creative force behind the new sensation. They brought the film to life under Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt Ltd., their own production house. 

Power Couple at Helm
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Along with the audience, the film seemed to have won the hearts of the insiders too. The grand premiere saw the presence of the Punjabi star Gippy Grewal, the film’s lead, marking the event with glamour and cinematic promise.

The Film’s Significance

The film’s irresistible appeal extends beyond its narrative. ‘Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri’ has added another feather to the already embellished cap of the people’s couple. 

It stewards a fresh perspective in the film industry under their firm, Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Released on the 15th March 2024, the film springs forth from the fruitful collaboration of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta.

In conclusion, the great start ‘Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri’ has had at the box office is a testament to the creative prowess of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. With the film already showcasing its strong footing, we can only expect the trend to continue upward in the coming days.

This blockbuster weekend signifies not just monetary success, but a film experience that has won over the hearts of its audience, reinforcing the influence of the people’s couple on the cinematic landscape.

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