IIT Madras and VyVoxel Join Forces, Launching a New Era of AR/VR Programming Education

Breaking new ground in the educational landscape, IIT Madras’ Pravartak, in collaboration with VyVoxel International, has announced the launch of an online Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) programming course.

IIT Madras, VyVoxel Forge AR/VR Education
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AR/VR Programming Goes Online

In a move set to revolutionize digital education, IIT Madras’ Pravartak and VyVoxel International are launching an AR/VR programming course.

The comprehensive online course, covering a total duration of 60 hours, offers students the opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge field of AR/VR programming, right from the comfort of their homes.

Setting a Tall Benchmark in Digital Education

The ambitious AR/VR programming course is a first-of-its-kind initiative by any Indian educational institution.

Setting a Tall Benchmark in Digital Education
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It exhibits not just the commitment of IIT Madras and VyVoxel International towards the proliferation of high-quality digital education, but also their forward-thinking approach in recognizing the immense potential that AR/VR programming holds for the future.

The Future Takes Shape Now

The application deadline for the first batch of this unique course is March 31, 2024. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to avail themselves of this unique learning opportunity. Given the exceptional response anticipated, the seats are expected to fill up fast.

Looking Ahead

The advent of this course brings to light the dynamic nature of the educational landscape. As technology evolves exponentially, it is incumbent on educational institutions to keep pace with these advancements, integrating them into their curriculum.

It is efforts like these that prepare the technocrats of tomorrow for a future steeped in digital innovations. This daring initiative from IIT Madras and VyVoxel International sets a high benchmark for other academic institutions to follow.

Experts believe it could serve as a catalyst, urging more institutions to innovatively explore the immense potential of AR/VR and other cutting-edge technologies. Driven by a need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological world, all eyes are on this exciting programming course.

The AR/VR programming course from IIT Madras’ Pravartak and VyVoxel International could serve as a blueprint for other institutions keen on integrating emerging technologies into their curriculum.

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