‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Hits High Notes in Global Box Office Debut

The global audience has tuned in melodically to Paramount’s latest release ‘Bob Marley: One Love’, a biopic about the reggae legend.

The film got off to a tuneful start at the international box office, exhibiting impressive early numbers and notably bagging top ranking in several markets.

Record-Breaking Performances

Embracing the rhythm of reggae icon Bob Marley’s life story, the biopic orchestrated a collection of $4.9M across 10 international markets in its initial release.

Jamaica showed overwhelming adulation, celebrating their beloved national treasure with the biggest opening day ever witnessed in the island nation.

Record-Breaking Performances
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In addition to Jamaica, the film claimed the No.1 status in various markets, demonstrating its wide resonance with international audience.

Key markers include the U.K., where it grossed $2.3M to bag the biggest opening day for a music biopic. France followed suit, debuting at the top of the chart with a cume of $1.7M, including previews.

Strong Showings Across the Globe

The love for Bob Marley’s music seemingly knows no borders. Opening day collections ranged from Australia’s impressive $615K (No.1), Spain’s $185K (No.3) and New Zealand’s biggest-ever Valentine’s Day opening of a music biopic with $175K.

Northern Europe also pitched in with Sweden and Norway launching at No.1, each contributing $155K and $90K respectively to the international cume, now totaling $5.4M.

The Road to Success

Setting the stage for this victorious opening was a three-week-long international tour featuring premieres and fan events. Kicking off in Kingston, Jamaica on January 23, the tour included performances and events attended by cast, crew, dignitaries, and even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Road to Success
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Subsequent premieres in London, Paris, Berlin, Perth, and Melbourne amassed attendees in thousands, contributing to the film’s resounding debut.

Conclusion: A Promising Start for ‘One Love’

The global reception of ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ denotes more than just a promising start for Paramount’s biographical venture.

It pays tribute to the universal appeal of Bob Marley, a global icon whose life and music continue to inspire and resonate around the world.

As the tune of ‘One Love’ continues to play in additional markets, fans and industry spectators await to see if this promising note carries on to a symphony of unprecedented success.

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